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R12 990


Construction: Steel Body - Vermiculite Lining

Nominal Heating Output : 7 kW

Maximum Heating Output : 10 kW

Combustion Chamber: 380 x 290 x 350 (mm) WxDxH

Heating Area: 50m² - 85m² standard ceiling height

Overall Dimensions: 510 X 360 X 895 (mm) WxDxH

Glass: German Schott - Resistant to 850°C

Glass Size: 290 x 370 (mm) WxH

Flue: 150mm Top Outlet

Efficiency: 76%

Weight: 70Kg

The TALON is ideal for medium to large sized rooms. As well as giving excellent radiant heat, double skin side walls suck in cold air from the base, heat it up in the cavity and convect it through front and top vents. An extra large window gives a good view of the fire. The ash tray is hidden behind the door. The firebox is lined with superior vermiculite and an extra panel has been added to the back of the unit to increase radiant surface area. The recessed door, extra large window and sleek design make this a good choice for any modern living space.

Our fireplaces come directly from the European factory and we specialise in selling at wholesale prices. The whole range can be seen on this website where you can find prices, specifications and availability. The fireplaces are on display in Somerset West. You are welcome to visit the showroom.

Flue requirements vary depending on ceiling height, roof type etc. If you are buying flues elsewhere we advise ordering a crimped adaptor from us (part number CAD 150). This allows any make of 150mm flue to connect to our fireplaces.


For a formal quote please send us your fireplace and/or flue requirements. Please also indicate whether you are collecting or require delivery.

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