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R 390


Burning wet wood greatly reduces efficiency and can cause corrosive damage to your fireplace. This essential tool allows you to quickly and easily determine the percentage of moisture in various types of wood or building materials.


Measuring range: 0~44%


Dimensions: 140 x 50 x 30 (mm) WxDxH


Simple operation


Instant moisture reading


6 different material settings


Temperature display


Auto power off after 2 minutes of inactivity


Sturdy ABS case


LED screen

There are a large number of risks associated with burning wet wood including:

  • Increased risk of chimney and house fires – Burning wet wood, can create an accumulation of heavy soot and tar in chimneys and liners. Over time the soot and tar can build up, which can cause chimney fires, which in-turn could also cause house fires.

  • Triggering backdrafts – This is when air flows back down a chimney, towards the fire, and are a risk factor that can be caused by burning wet wood.

  • Production of dangerous chemicals – Burning wet wood can create toxic smoke that can impact on health.

  • Low heat output – Burning wet wood causes a low heat output and also “wet wood” fires tend to be harder to keep alight too.

By using a moisture meter you can help avoid the above risks, and ensure that you are only burning fire ready wood.

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